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10 Short Beard Styles for man

Patchy Beard

There are ways to style a spotty beard. Trim it evenly first. Next, style it. Finally, trim and style it.


Trim your beard close to the jawline and lip. Face form determines style. Angular styles may suit round faces. Square faces can wear rounder styles.

Full Beard

Shorter, fuller beards improve looks. Keep your beard tidy by trimming regularly. Additionally, use decent beard oil to keep your beard healthy and lustrous.

Soul Patch

It is versatile, easy to style, and flatters most facial shapes. Shave or trim your beard while retaining your hair under your lip for a soul patch. 

Sideburn goatee

First, trim your sideburns. Use a razor to tidy up the mustache-sideburns line. Next, shape the mustache. Finally, trim the chin beard for a goatee.

Mutton Chop

Keep your mutton chop beard neat and low-maintenance by trimming the sides and top. This short beard suits rough personalities.

Not Much

There are ways to shorten thin facial hair. First, trim your beard so it lies flat. Second, trim evenly for a short, groomed beard.

Van Dyke

Van dyke beard style takes patience. Trim the beard to an easy-to-manage length. Mustache wax to hold the hairs.

Thin goatee

Asian guys like this short beard style with a thin goatee line down the chin. Shave your sides and leave your chin hair for a tiny goatee.

Box Beard

This black beard matches its black haircut. Shave a soul patch into your beard and trim your sideburns to match for an elegant look.

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