10 Pink Makeup Looks For Every Skin Tone

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Soft Pastels

Pink makeup can be adjusted to your desired level of vibrancy. For example, consider this simple and almost neutral appearance.

Glossy Lids

A lip gloss is a convenient companion for busy girls. Blend various colors of lid shine on the crease and lid. Use a pink lip gloss or smudge that matches.

Little Shimmer

Not all pink makeup looks are overly feminine, but you can use this as an opportunity to embrace your feminine side.

Neon Bright

To achieve a fresh and youthful throwback look, use baby pink and combine a shining liquid eyeshadow with a combining bubblegum gloss.

Rosy Monochrome

A palette is ideal for matching your eyelids to the area below your lash line. Create a subtle look by using a muted, almost nude (with a hint of pink) lip color.

Pink Vinyl

Try "pink vinyl" lids if you're hesitant about using bold colors. They're a cool way to experiment with bright hues.

With a Red Lip

The duality of "pink and red" is underrated in fashion and makeup. These colors look great together, despite appearing to clash.

Inside the Lines

For a more subtle look, consider using a swipe of pink liquid eyeliner instead of bold blushing eyeshadow or monochrome makeup.

Frosty and Glossy

We adore frosty disco pink eye makeup and shiny lips. Get the same appearance at home using an eyeshadow palette with different levels of matte and shimmery shades.

Royal Blush

Make a bold statement with daring blush. Use a pigmented powder formula and apply it on the apples of your cheeks.

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