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10 of The Longest Beards In The World

Hans Langseth

Norwegian-born Hans Nilsen Langseth went to the US. Since his death in 1927, he has grown the longest beard.

Sarwan Singh

Canada's Sarwan Singh. He holds the longest beard Guinness World Record. His 2011 beard was 2.495 meters (8’2.5’’). It's a man's longest beard.

Shamsher Singh

His 6-foot beard earned Shamsher Singh Saroye a Guinness World Record. "The Python" was his lengthy beard. He's a peaceful bank security guard.

Praveen Parameswar

Praveen's 38-inch beard won the 2019 Gurgaon National Beard and Mustache Championship. Praveen, an IT engineer, moved to Kochi, India to act.

A Hobbyist

Paul is a beard grower in Britain. His 2.5-foot beard has grown over seven years. Paul Wright proudly wears his beard to beard competitions.

Mike Legge

Michael Legge lives in Britain. He has a formidable beard. Just over 2 feet long now. He has Britain's longest beard. He attends hair contests.

Sean Z

Daath singer Sean Z. Keyboardist for Chimaira. He has a 1-foot beard. His followers think his beard is the best in music.

Madison Rowley

This beard deserves attention. Madison Rowley is a cinematographer and actor with a great beard. Portland was his World Beard and Moustache Championship.


Chops Johnson is beardsman Nate Johnson. He won 35 beard competitions. He shaved 7 years ago.

Shavo Odadjian

Famous Shavarsh "Shavo" Odadjian. The Armenian-American System of a Down instrumentalist and songwriter is famous for his beard and songs.

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