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10 Most Popular Hairstyles For Men With Round Faces

Tapered Hairstyle

If one has length, trim the sides and rear. Style the top using medium-hold styling gel. This greatest haircut for round-faced males is professional-looking.

Choppy Fauxhawk

A fake hawk is the easiest method to enhance top volume! The faux hawk looks choppy when layered on top. Professional haircut for round-faced males.

Shaggy Long Bob

The long bob is usually associated with women, yet it works well on round-faced men. To lengthen the face, the hair hits just below the chin.   

Short Classic Fade

Simple works sometimes. A traditional fade midway down the head slims the face, and short hair on top is easy to style. Round-faced males should try this hairstyle.

Pompadour Fade

Try a pompadour if your hair is long enough. The volume on top draws attention to the narrow face with a fade between classic and high on the sides and rear.

Brushed Over Taper

Tapered cuts slim the face by reducing head volume. Wipe the top. This haircut is great for a clean cut.

Long Top And Tapered Sides

Always balance round faces. To balance excessive length and fullness on the sides, add length and volume up top. For round-faced males, this is the greatest hairstyle.

Short Top High Fade

Fade the sides to the skin to raise a buzz and lower a notch. For optimal slimming, start the fade high around the temples. One of the greatest haircuts for round-faced males.

Side Parted Haircut

Round face shapes should avoid straight long spiky bangs on the forehead. However, letting the bangs fall down the sides will work.

Medium Length With Beard

Messy medium-length hairstyles for round faces and facial hair offer the appearance of an attitude person who can charm and seal any business.

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