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10 Masculine Pixie Cuts for 2023

Refresh Pixie

Men who want a masculine, low-maintenance hairstyle for any face shape should try it. To get a pixie cut, ask your barber to buzz all your hair short.

Combed Sideways

It suits men of all ages and is easy to maintain. This side-combed hairstyle works well on short hair.

Finger Sweep

Running your fingers through your hair, sweeping it to the side, and leaving it naturally creates a slightly messy hairstyle for men with glasses.

Curly Mess

The curly top pixie for men adds character and masculinity. Growing out your hair and letting it curl naturally creates this hairstyle.

Asian Pixie

Medium, sleek, naturally styled Asian men's hairstyle. Keep the front and top long and cut the sides short.

Blonde Pixie

It's a wavy brush-over hairstyle for guys who want a little style without going overboard.

Afro curls

Growing afro hair for a month or two creates this black men's curly hairstyle. Maintain dry hair.


Men in their 20s should try a short-sided comb-over pixie. Comb your hair up and sideways to style it.

Angled Spike

Men with receding hairlines should try angled spiky hairstyles. This hairstyle has short, side-angled spikes.

Cut Sides

It suits modern men. Shave the sides of your head and comb the top hair to one side for this look.

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