10 Makeup Tricks That Always Work

Start fresh

Warm water, face massage, and your cream, oil, or serum fill wrinkles, brush away flakes, and hydrate dry or postmenopausal skin.

Apply eye makeup first

Smart, mess-free order. No powder shadow fallout on cheeks or under-eye liner streaks that "dirty" foundation, blush, or concealer and necessitate reapplication.

black gel-pencil liner enhances eyes

These waterproof liners define eyes better than kohl pencils, brush-on gels, and harsh liquids or markers. Put your elbow on a table for stability.

Buy a curler but skimp on black mascara

Slowly shut the curler and hold for 30 seconds. Since you replace it every three months, use cheap black drugstore mascara like the professionals.

Neutral shadows highlight eyes

Natural colors—warm for dark eyes, cold for light—always work. Avoid contouring.

Your brows?

Brows are important for face expression, so fill, lengthen, and comb them even if you wear spectacles or bangs. Be natural. Follow hair growth with small, feathery brow pencil strokes.

Gloss, not coverage

Makeup restores shine and health. To offset redness and sallow, pasty, ashy complexion, go one shade warmer or golden.

Makeup brushes

Heavy coverage appears artificial and caked in person. Silky synthetic brushes mimic flesh. Foundation brushes prevent makeup from settling in crevices.

Bright cream blush on cheeks

It gives your face life and vitality, blends into your skin for a natural blush, and draws attention to the eyes, avoiding distractions that might ruin a great appearance.

Change lipstick and lip liner

Lipliner should match your lips. Sketch the borders but circle the bow to fix a fading, lopsided, or thinning upper-lip line.

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