10 Makeup Tips To Make Hazel Eyes Pop

To draw attention to your eyes, choose contrasting hues from the color wheel. Purple secondary colors complement hazel eyes.

1. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

Bright colors draw attention to the eyes. It would be hot pink eyeshadow. Using a primer first keeps eyeshadow from settling into creases.

2. Hot Pink Eye Makeup

Black and gold are powerful. Black contrasts hazel eyes, while gold emphasizes specks. This style requires gray-black and pigmented gold with little sparkles.

3. Black and Gold Glitter Eye Makeup

Blue, green, and purple hues. It often evokes mermaids. Eye-catching hues. Apply neutral eyeshadow.

4. Mermaid Eye Makeup Look

Bronze eyeshadow is stunning. It enhances your hazel eyes' gold flecks and suits every situation. This style requires bronze, copper, and eyeliner.

5. Bronze Goddess Eye Makeup

Can't get away soon? Take a vacation at home! The colors orange, purple, and gold will brighten your eyes and attitude.

6. Tropical Sunsets

Black smokey eyes never fail to wow. The color black draws attention to the eyes. It works beautifully with the warm tones of hazel eyes.

7. Classic Black Smokey Eye Makeup

Offshoot of the Wingliner. A colored winged liner may make your eyes stand out. Pink is used in this style. Use any bright color.

8. Hide And Seek Pink Eye Makeup

This color seems royal and is royal blue-ish. This will draw attention to your eyes.

9. Royal Blue Eye Makeup

Effortless films are effective. When you're pressed for time, wing your eyeliner. Makeup might be tough to apply in a hurry. Cat eyes give the impression that you tried.

10. Simple Cat Eye Makeup

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