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10 Long Shag Hairstyles We Love in 2023

Lash-Grazing Bangs

This layered long shag is flattering—no wonder it's a hair trend! A shag cut should have full curtain bangs that touch the eyelashes. Layered, textured, and volumized.

Bottleneck Bangs

Why not pair a stylish long shag hairstyle with trendy bottleneck bangs? This shag has wispy, delicate layers for movement.

Uneven Bangs

Long shag haircuts suit super-long hair. To create a rounded top, this thinned-out shag cuts deep layers into the bottom and shallow ones on top.

Brief Bangs

Disconnected shags have length gaps due to uneven layering. This style adds airiness to lengthy shags.

Curtains Bang

Wavy, curtain-banged shags? Join us! Soft layering gives this look a vixen vibe. These brow-grazing curtain bangs look great on all face shapes!

Sideswept Bangs

Love old yet want something newer? This 80s-inspired shag is perfect. Curly texture shapes and highlights this cut's layers.

Floating Curtains

Want long shag hairstyles but loathe choppy layers? You'll love this softened version! This cut is light and airy thanks to feathery layers.

Antique Long Shag

Feathering—arranging soft layers to fan out—was popular with 1960s shags. We love this delicate, breezy cut with long hair! Delicate side-swept bangs contour the face.

Choppy Layers

Bangs make lengthy shag haircuts more coherent. For unmatched texture and movement, this choppy cut staggers progressive layers from the brow down.

Fluffy Shag

This long shag cut with fluffy curtain bangs and layering boosts lengthy hair. Big volume, lightweight, and movement define it.

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