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10 Impressive Qualities Of A Sigma Female Personality

She’s Independent

Befriend a sigma female to feel non-judgment. They may accept people without judgment.

She's Family and Friends' Ride-or-Die

Sigma women are reckless and pursue the way less traveled, to quote Robert Frost. They quit "safe" relationships and jobs. 

She May Be Stylish but Not Trendy

Sigma women aren’t shallow. They prefer a kind, poor person than a rich, "successful" one. 

She’s a Bit Mysterious

Sigma women may be the most outspoken. She's honest and unapologetic.

She's Smart But Not Leaderly

Sigmas' rebelliousness and directness can be intimidating. Once you get to know them, they're far from domineering. 

She's Scary

Sigma and alpha women vary most in their drive to lead. However, the latter craves it.

She’s outspoken

She hard to read? Unpredictable? If so, she may be a sigma, which are typically mysterious. Not creepily. Sigmas may be enigmatic but rarely off-putting. 

Kindness Over Status

If fashion is her thing, ask a sigma gal. This personality type's women aren't fashionistas. They wear Chanel's latest or Walmart's couture line from 1987.

She Risks

Sigma women value friendships over quantity. They feel cherished, comfortable, and secure without many pals. They value intimate connections. 

She's Nonjudgmental

Sigma women need independence like oxygen. They prefer independence. Sigma ladies dislike hierarchy and power, thus they don't stay long in standard offices.

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