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10 Hairstyles To Try With Traditional Outfits

the waves

Try this style of hair with traditional clothes. Use product to keep hair shiny and easy to work with.

straight hair

Just brush your straight hair and leave it alone for a simple look. Straight hair with a middle part or a side part could hide it.


A ponytail can make you look stylish. This high ponytail with a little puff works well with traditional clothes.

pinned hair

Half-open hair goes well with clothes from any culture. If you have a hair accessory on, pin your hair up into a small puff.

hair bun

A basic dress looks great with this haircut. If you are wearing a thick saree or lehenga, put your hair up in a bun. You can put pins and clips in your hair.

side hair

Try this haircut with a classic outfit. Hairstyles on the side are common now. Add big earrings.

rough hair

This cut is in style. Let your hair do the talking if you're wearing a plain silk dress.

gemine hair

Women don't like to have short hair. You're wrong if you think this haircut won't look good with traditional clothes.

rough bun

Traditional clothes look good with a bun. Go rough if you don't want to make a tight bun. Curl your hair if you want beautiful bangs.

side swept hair

Try open hair that is swept to the side for a casual traditional dress.

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