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10 Gorgeous Mullet Haircuts for Women All Season

Blonde Shag

Celebrities loved this 1970s blonde shaggy haircut. basic and realistic style.

Natural Chops

Try several approaches to make somewhat jagged layers seem natural. Women's mullets can be shagged.

Chic Gray Mullet

Ash-blonde mullets suit ladies over 40. It suits everyone and is trendy.

Peacock-Green Cut

A stylish curly female mullet might stick out. Green hair shows bravery.

Bubblegum Splash

Pink hair symbolizes happiness. Tone options abound. Choose a color that suits your taste and skin tone.

The Diva Shag

The look requires long hair. It's lengthenable. Longer hair will show off this women's mullet.

Face-Framing Layers

This cute bowl-cut was made to stand out. A vivid, eye-catching hairstyle will display your lively side. The two forehead tones offer a fun touch.

Cropped Mullet

Deep female mullets are great. The hair will bounce and look healthy. The undercut fade makes it perfect.

Playful Fluffiness

Fluffy hair is attractive because it adds volume and depth. Blunt bangs provide bounce.

Vibrant Neck Cut

Choose a tart orange bowl sliced immediately. With this gorgeous tint, mullets look wonderful on women. Like a lucky star produced it. This hair color is ideal for summer.

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