10 French Manicures Trending for Spring

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Rainbow Heart-Studded Mani

Instead of rhinestones or pearls, this French manicure has jewels in the shape of hearts that match the tips. We can't get enough.

Metallic Gold French mani

This shiny gold-studded French manicure is perfect for astrologers, chrome fans, and anyone who wants to look like a main character. We'd wear this manicure any time of year.

Colorful Studded French mani

You want to paint your nails, but you still want French tips? Try colored studs instead of jewels.

Studded Glitter French mani

These French tips are silver and shine. The best nail art for a party has stars and diamonds on it.

Pearl Studded French mani

A silver French tip with studs looks great with pearls. Shine your tips with silver.

Chrome Studs mani

This French manicure with studs stands out because it looks like chrome nails.

Star Studded French mani

Even without rhinestones or pearls, nails can have studs. Accents are a great way to add texture and depth.

Wavy Studded French mani

Want to try a French manicure with studs, but you don't like your nails to match? French manicures with waves are popular. The silver glitter finish on the design is beautiful.

Pink Studded French Manicure

TikTok's balletcore trend goes well with ballerina pink French manicures with studs.

Space Studded French Manicure

We love the space between the cuticles of this French manicure with studs.

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