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10 Flattering Hairstyles For Big Forehead Women

layered bangs

It covers your huge face and highlights your hair. First impressions matter. You can cut the first layer to cover your face and improve your appearance.

side bun

A side bun with side-swept hair is another way to hide a big face. The best thing about this easy haircut is that it doesn't need bangs.

straight fringe

Straight edges hide your face and make you look more professional. This works best for people with straight hair.

side braid

A side braid with side-swept bangs is another good style for a wide face.

bob cut with bangs

The style now is bobs. This trendy hairstyle will give you an edgy look and hide your wide face.

wavy hairstyle

Waves in your hair add depth and make you look better. When done well, it also makes a wide face look better.

messy half bun with bangs

This style gives you the best of both worlds. A boho style is made up of a messy half bun and bangs.

messy curls

Curls cover up your wide face and make you look like you're crazy. Messy curls are great when you don't want to deal with your hair but still want to hide your face.

losse bun

A messy hairstyle with side bangs can hide your face and make you look better. It's also great for work and going out in the evening.

side bangs

This is the best way to do your hair. This looks good with straight hair.

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