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10 fitness tips for women over 50

easy on yourself

Attempt brisk walking for 30 minutes, 5 days a week. If you can run or jog 75 minutes each week, you're OK. That's 15 minutes daily!

do strength training

Osteoporosis fractures affect 1 in 3 women over 50. This may make strength training appear dangerous, yet study indicates it improves strength and balance in osteoporotic women.

do things you like

Consistency is fitness's most crucial guideline. Start slow (or ever). Marathons aren't for everyone. Perhaps you like walking or dancing.

Mix it up

Sometimes an exercise you enjoy gets stale. Perhaps you've reached a mental or physical plateau. Perhaps you're uninterested. If it becomes repetitious, add intensity or a new aspect.

make some fun

Not all workouts are land-based. Postmenopausal women's bone density and functional fitness increase with high-intensity water training.

say om continuosly

Women die most from heart disease, and heart attacks are on the rise. Stress and cardio/strength exercise can reduce hazards.

find a friend for fitness work

Need an exercise partner? If you don't have a walking partner, acquire a dog. Walking their pets keeps older persons with heart disease active.

fit at any your age

Working exercise isn't age-related. You may adapt your fitness program to minimize injury and ease aches and pains from age-related illnesses like osteoporosis.

excercise regularly

Workout including strength training. At least one hour each day should be spent exercising or walking. Preventing disease and weariness requires frequent exercise.

consume vitamin d

Sunlight, food, and supplements provide vitamin D. Vitamin D is best obtained through foods such eggs, mushrooms, tuna, salmon, and herringbone.

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