10 Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

It doesn't matter which shade of gold eyeshadow you choose—bronzy gold, champagne gold, or rose gold—they will all look amazing with your green eyes.


Gold is a safe investment that will never let you down. We'll get into more detail about it in a moment.

Gigi Hadid has gorgeous blue-green eyes, and I've seen her in the past wearing burgundy makeup, which really brings out the color of her eyes.

Wine Or Burgundy

No of the time of year, colors with a wine-like undertone are always fashionable. It gives your lids a splash of color and may make your makeup appear so stylish.

The yellow and gold tones in your eyes may be brought out with the use of taupe makeup.

Shimmering Taupe

Even though it's a really basic and neutral tone, if you utilize it correctly, you'll end up with a phenomenal look. All you need is a little practice.

There is no eye color that purple does not complement beautifully. Make the green in your eyes stand out by wearing various tones of purple, such as aubergine or violet.


You can increase it up a notch if you plan on wearing it when the sun goes down, but during the daytime, it makes for an excellent shade.

When combined with a rich, dark black eyeliner, a traditional gray eyeshadow may be utilized to create a smoky eye look that is sure to turn heads.

Smokey Grey

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