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10 Easy And Trendiest Hairstyles For Schoolgirls

10. half updo

Everyone can wear a half-up do. If you can't decide, try a half-updo.

9. wrapped ponytail

A ponytail can be changed with just a twist. The best part is that it's fast. A twisted ponytail is great for school because it doesn't look too fancy or too casual.

8. layered ponytail

Ponytails can be made more interesting by adding layers. A five-minute style.

7. front braid

A front braid is great for school if your hair is short or about shoulder length. Front knots can be done with hair that is medium length or longer.

6. wavy low ponytail

Not a fan of high ponytails? Another cool low ponytail that is good for school. This cut is for hair that is about shoulder long. Smart and sure of herself.

5. high ponytail

High ponytails are always in style and never fail to look good. This is a haircut that is good for school. It seems serious and well-kept.

4. low ponytail

Low ponytails are a good haircut for school. It's simple to put together in the morning. It's clean and nice.

3. rope braid

If regular braid bores you, try rope braid. Rope knots have rope-like shapes. Simple, stylish, and cool hairstyle for school.

2. side swepted loose braids

Want messy, fun braids? We can help! One of the easiest ways to wear your hair to school is in a bright and sassy loose side-swept braid.

1. french braids

This braid works for hair that is medium to long. It adds depth to your hair and how it looks. This haircut is great for school shows that are more serious.

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