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10 Cool Space Bun Hairstyles 2023 To Rock In

Messy Space Buns with Tendrils

 The loose front sections flatten circular and square face forms. Tendrils soften and femininized the appearance. Space buns should be messy, not tight or sleek.

Space Buns with a Fringe

Space buns well with blunt bangs or wispy fringe. If you have a large forehead, the fringe balances your face and makes space buns hairstyles more attractive.

Space Buns with Box Braids

Afro-punk space buns with box braids are great for women who want to stand out. Show off your long, elegant, and sensual box braids with space buns.

Space Buns with Wet Look

Leave some tendrils from your space buns and face to achieve this glamorous, free-spirited look. Use gel to waft your baby hairs across your forehead.

Space Buns with Glitter

Glitter your space buns for festivals or special occasions. Shimmer enhances all hair hues. Make the buns glittering or attempt a trendy glitter parting.

Space Buns with Scrunchies

Space buns with scrunchies are ’90s-inspired. These eye-catching hair accessories quickly add character and playfulness to your hairdo.

Space Buns with Braids

Space buns with braids look great. For special family dinners or weddings, the braids create a beautiful woven effect without flyaway hairs.

Space Buns with Short Hair

Space buns work with all hair lengths. Try half-up, half-down space buns for a lob. It's charming and surprising, perfect for changing up your outfit.

Space Buns with Loose Hair

Space buns are impossible for extra-long, thick hair. You may get the same appearance by twisting tiny side parts near your crown into buns.

Mini Space Buns with Fine Hair

Mini space buns are easy hairstyles for fine hair.  Fine hair is smooth, straight, and lacks volume, making styling difficult. Mini space buns don't need extensions.

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