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10 Chic And Fresh Brown Blonde Hair Colors For Women

1. Ash

This non-polarizing ash hue is great for individuals who don't want to choose. This mid-tone colour is a gorgeous ashy brown-blonde combination.

2. Two-Toned

However, consider this high-contrast style. Why choose? This high-contrast colour has light blonde fringe and a rich fox brown base.

3. Wheat Blonde

A chubby, texturized braid highlights this bland ash bronde's depth. For lighter skin tones, this cooler bronde is ideal.

4. Ashy Bronde

This color is almost a duo-chrome, appearing as a cool-toned brown yet showing blonde tones in the correct light.

5. Foiled Highlights

Tightly streaked highlights can make hair look thicker. Girls that require a darker transition to pull off blonde may try this darker root moment.

6. Dirty Platinum

This pigtailed French-braided style fits dishwater platinum's grungy-cool image. Platinum hair maintenance is daunting.

7. Buttery Highlights

For ash brown hair, choose buttery-white, almost frosted blonde highlights. This mixture of colours lets you mix colors in one attractive style.

8. Golden Highlights

Golden and honey-toned highlights enhance warmer and peachier complexions. Warm tones are preferable if you can tan or have a darker base complexion.

9. Slightly Strawberry

A chaotic pony updo shows all the colours you used to produce your final color, providing dimension to your style.

10. Flaxen Blonde

Cooler complexions look best in a real pale ash-blonde with a khaki brown base. We're obsessed with this braided color combination.

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