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10 Bow Bun Hairstyles for Modern Girls

Bigger Than Life

Big is trendy, so why not go big with a bow bun with bangs? Cover your head with this bow. Frame and ground your look with wispy bangs.

Braids and Bows

To your usual look, add a bow bun for long hair. Rock a low ponytail or a simple braid over one shoulder. Your hair bow is an accessory for this style. 

Bow Pin-Up 

Instead of a liberty curl, tie your hair into a stylish bow for a more classic pin-up look. Retro is enhanced by polka dot ribbon.

Face Square

Round bows are best for square faces. Tilting your bow to one side may also soften a strong jawline. 

Braided Reverse

Girls with longer hair can braid and bun. Splitting the hair in the middle is the first phase of this look. 

Adorable Bun

Girls and women of any age can wear this attractive hairdo. It's suitable for any occasions where you don't want your hair down. 

Unruly Hair

Instead of a sloppy bun, attempt a bow bun without clean lines. For a better look, leave some hair to the sides and construct an updo.

 Half Up Half Down

This beautiful, feminine design is excellent for weddings. Its charm comes from the bow and long hair.

Hairbow Shaggy

A simpler form of the charming bun is the scruffy hair bow. Though less elegant, it's suitable for all women.

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