10 Biggest Food Controversies


Chick-fi-A has long been a problematic brand because to its funding of anti-LGBTQ groups.

10. Chick-fil-A faces a public re(cluck)oning

Current employees revealed racism and inequity at the brand. Adam Rapoport's Instagram photo in blackface sparked the scandal.

9. The Bon Appétit test kitchen implodes

This isn't "bleach kills COVID-19" (it doesn't), but nice packaging. People got imaginative after we bought all the hand sanitizers.

8. Please don't accidentally eat your hand sanitizer

The F Factor diet and its protein powders and bars were accused of containing dangerous levels of lead this summer.

7. Have you consumed lead?

In June, Consumer Reports evaluated 45 water bottle brands, and Whole Foods' Starkey Spring Water had the most arsenic of any brand tested.

6. Arsenic? In my bottled water?

The standard does not appear necessary to ensure that the product meets consumer expectations. 

5. French dressing isn't dressing anymore

The FDA may hinder innovation by no longer promoting honest and fair trading in the benefit of consumers.

Dogs everywhere had a terrific 2020—their owners were home all day. This year had high adoption rates. Dogs faced worse perils, too.

4. Protect the dogs at all costs

The U.S. sandwich chain's breads contain too much sugar to qualify as bread.

3. Subway's bread might not actually be bread

The FDA was busy this year, so a petition was established to ask them to reconsider which food additives are safe.

2. So what exactly does the FDA…do?

The Texas-based ice cream manufacturer was fined $17.25 million in 2015 for transporting tainted products.

1. Not the ice cream!

 Blue Bell must pay the largest-ever criminal fine for a food safety prosecution due to tainted ice cream.

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