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10 Best Dogs for Seniors

Shih Tzu 

This outgoing breed is also great with kids, making them a perfect playtime buddy when the grandchildren visit! 


Pugs are the best dogs for seniors who prefer to curl up on the sofa with their beloved furry friend by their side. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

For more active seniors who enjoy outdoor exploration such as walking on nature trails, the lively and adventurous Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Poodles must receive ample exercise so they can release excess energy and maintain their well-mannered demeanor.

French Bulldog 

Also called the "Frenchie," the joyful French Bulldog is easy to care for (and please!), making them a great fur pal for an elderly individual. 

Miniature Schnauzer

The handsome Miniature Schnauzer provides ultimate companionship and commitment to their senior pet parent.


The fastest dog breed in the world, the Greyhound may seem like an unlikely fit among the best dogs for older people. 


The Maltese lives for the spotlight and basks in the attention a senior can offer. In return, the senior is comforted by this cute little lapdog. 

Charles Spaniel 

It's hard to go wrong with the noble Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or "Cavalier." This adaptable pup willingly fits right into anyone's lifestyle


The ultimate lapdog, the regal Pekingese is a true charmer. Because this breed isn't too fond of rough play, it seems to be the best dog

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