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10 Beauty Secrets Popular Korean Actresses Swear By

4-2-4 cleansing routine

Sunscreen reduces aging. SPF protects your skin from UV radiation, which can cause wrinkles, sunburn, liver spots, and skin cancer. 

Wear sunscreen

The 38-year-old actor has played more muscular parts in Memories of the Alhambra and Crash Landing on You, but his flawless, million-dollar skin has never changed. 

Maintain a youthful glow by moisturising

Son Ye-jin's skincare routine will appeal to minimalists. The Crash Landing on You actress uses simple skincare to moisturize her oily skin. 

your beauty routine with a skincare diet

This is the "skincare diet." It simplifies a 10-step process to the products your skin needs. 

Use one sheet mask daily

Park Seo-joon can effectively play old and youthful parts. The "Master of Romantic Comedy"—how? The actor's age-defying radiance comes from daily sheet masks. It's evident! 

use two to three face masks a day

"I can use two to three masks a day when filming," Park Min-young stated. "There are days when I have make on for many hours."

create your own face masks

Sulwhasoo's inspiration, Song Hye-kyo, develops her own face masks. Every two weeks, she combines a spoonful of powdered milk, honey, and raw egg white.

Wash your face with milk nightly

This celebrity-approved method involves wiping your face with a milk-soaked cotton pad. If you insist on dunking your head in milk like a cat, it's your life.

Drink four litres of water per day

South Korean pop artists must stay hydrated to stay in shape despite their hectic schedules. For clean skin, singer-songwriter IU consumes four litres of water daily.

Put on toner and lotion while travelling

BTS members always look photoshoot-ready. Global stadium tours gave them skincare secrets. 

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