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10 Alluring Bangs Hairstyles for Women

Short Hair Bangs

Short, crisp bangs look great with choppy straight hair that slightly covers the ears. Baby fringe is a stylish hairstyle.

Wavy Bangs

Wavy hair looks great with softly curled bangs across the forehead. Layer your grain blonde hair. It complements light skin and blue eyes.

Thin Hair Bangs

Get a bob for thin hair. Waves and long, wispy bangs conceal the eyes.

Hair Bangs

Thick hair helps style a bob haircut with straight bangs above the eyebrows.

Bangs, Black Hair

Visit your preferred hairstylist for gorgeous black natural curly hair bangs. Always cut wet hair at home.

Brown Bangs

Straight eyebrow-covering bangs suit long faces. To frame your face, dye your hair red and wear an inverted lob.

Thin Bangs

Wispy temple-length bangs conceal your forehead nicely. To add volume, style long hair in big waves and curls.

Round-Face Bangs

Longer corner-rounded bangs frame your face well. Dark hair will curve the face and hide strong cheekbones.

Bangs Asian Hair

If you want to look stunning, get a forehead fringe. Dark red ombre with longer temple strands.

Choppy Bangs

Choppy baby bangs covering half the forehead are gorgeous. Keep the hair short, slightly concealing the ears, and spike it with hairspray and gel.

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