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10 Adorable Short Haircuts for Black Women

Pixie cut with layers. 

Check out the most interesting parts!In a word, they are stunning. They go in quite well with the dark hair.

Short Pixie Cut. 

When you see it styled like this, you realize that African American hair isn't so difficult to manage after all. This short cut is perfect for her

Pixie cut with highlights

The best evidence that highlighters can improve your appearance is right here. It's true that layering and pale hues may do wonders.

short blonde hair

The combination of a short cut and a blonde dye job can create a stunningly attractive appearance.

horizontal color

This bouncy bob for black women is a great example of how a new color job can completely transform an otherwise boring haircut.

short layered

Get a new haircut and dye your black hair a fun color for a new look. This hairstyle is especially flattering on black women because of the soft

Fingers Waving

Get a short bob and a carefree curly cut. You won't expect to get as much notice as you do.

A shaved-down haircut. 

Her hair and skin tone are such a striking contrast, it ought to be prohibited. The hair has a sophisticated and seductive look because each strand

Pixie Cut

This pixie cut for black ladies is a "hello" from one of the most gorgeous eras, the Jazz Age and Paris. Don't be scared to play around with unconventional forms

side-parted bob

Black women with short hairstyles are always on trend. This newly cut bob is all it takes to make you swoon.

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