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My Secrets To Getting The Best Seats On Southwest

    My Secrets to Getting the Best Seats on Southwest

    Traveling might be a pain, but getting a decent seat can make a big difference—particularly on Southwest and other flights where seats aren’t reserved in advance.

    Here are some insider strategies to help you secure that coveted window or aisle seat—or even an entire row to yourself—on Southwest Airlines if you’re hoping to grab the finest possible place for your trip. 

    1. Recognize The Boarding Procedure 

    With Southwest’s distinctive open-seating policy, you select your seat as soon as you board the aircraft. Passengers are assigned to places (1–60+) and boarding groups (A, B, or C) based on their check-in time—Group A boards first, then B, and finally C. You must reserve a place in the A group for a better seat. 

    2. Arrive At The Airport Precisely 24 Hours Before Takeoff. 

    An earlier check-in improves your boarding position. Remind yourself to check in precisely one day before your flight’s departure time.

    This is important because boarding spots are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis starting at the 24-hour mark. 

    3. Examine EarlyBird Registration 

    Southwest provides an EarlyBird Check-In service that allows you to check in automatically before the regular 24-hour check-in window opens for a charge.

    By enhancing your boarding position, our service raises the likelihood that you will find a better seat. 

    4. Invest In Improved Boarding 

    If you were unable to check in early or if you would like to ensure a place in the A1–A15 boarding group, you can purchase an enhanced boarding position.

    Depending on availability, this option is available at the gate on the day of departure. It can be a game-changer for those who want to board the plane first. 

    5. Select Your Seat Carefully 

    Once on board, make an informed seat selection: 

    In addition to vistas, window seats provide a wall to rest against. 

    Aisle seats offer more legroom and better access to the restroom. 

    Aim for the exit rows if you’re looking for more legroom. Just make sure that sitting there satisfies the safety criteria. 

    Steer clear of seats near the galleys and restrooms for a peaceful ride. 

    6. Go Light 

    Sometimes, travelers with no overhead baggage or smaller bags can get better seats just by moving along the aisle more quickly and occupying spaces that those with larger bags would miss. 

    7. Show Courtesy And Adaptability 

    Your mindset has a significant impact. Being kind to flight attendants and other passengers may improve the efficiency of your travel. If you’re traveling alone, be willing to move seats when asked; you might even get a favor back. 

    8. Make Use Of The Southwest App 

    The Southwest mobile app makes it easier to stay before of the game when it comes to boarding. It also offers real-time notifications on gate changes and boarding positions. 

    There’s no magic involved in getting the best seat on a Southwest flight; it’s just a little planning and technique. Your next flight can be as comfortable as possible if you know how to board, take advantage of early check-in, and choose your seat wisely. Happy journeys!

    Thanks for reading.